Monday, September 8, 2008

Tonight's Dinner: Alaskan Cod with Pineapple Rice and Sauteed Vegetables

I am not really a fish eater. Not because I don't like it but really because I'm never sure how to cook it. These Alaskan cod filets I got from Trader Joe's made it easy. I seared them on a hot pan for 5 minutes on each side then covered and cooked them (just to be sure) another two minutes. They came out flaky and yummy. I coated them first in flour, the seasoned mine and Dave's with a cajun spice mix and Emma's with lemon pepper seasoning. Served with pineapple rice inspired by A Taste of Home Cooking and sauteed vegetables (onions, broccoli, zucchini, and mushrooms in a little soy sauce). A healthy and well-rounded dinner.


Ally said...

I love cod, it is so mild and delicious! I have been meaning to try TJ's now I'll have to remember to put that on my menu!

Joelen said...

What a great looking dinner... and I'll have to pick up some of that cod the next time I hit up TJs!