Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dinner Divas: Apple Pie!

I did it! I made my own crust! OK, it's not really that hard and having the food processor do most of the work really does help. Still, I'm really proud of myself that it came out so good. It's not the prettiest pie crust but my first time around, my worries were focused more on taste and texture than beauty. Thanks Dinner Divas! I am happy you picked this recipe this month and helped me to conquer my fears of homemade pie crust.

Here's the recipe and instructions at Food Network... I'm too lazy to repost it all (it's pretty long!)

I'm also submitting it for Joelen's September Tasty Tools: Bakeware

And some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Joelen said...

What a great looking pie and thanks for submitting it to this month's Tasty Tools event!!

Jenn said...

This was my pick for Dinner Divas because I wanted to conquer my fear of pie crust also. Glad you liked it, I can't wait to try it!