Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spinach and Cheese Lasagna Roll Ups, Take 2

This is my second take on this twist on lasagna. I originally did it a few weeks ago but after seeing it on Elizabeth's Edibles blog using bechamel sauce as a base, I thought I'd have another go. I also used whole wheat lasagna noodles. You can definitely tell the difference between them and the regular noodles so although I feel better about being healthier, it didn't taste quite as good. I served them with a side of cheesy garlic bread that I assembled myself. I do have to note, I enjoy the homemade garlic bread much more than the frozen stuff in the supermarket.


Rachel said...

mm! I love lasagna roll ups. Such a cute presentation! I agree that whole wheat pasta lacks the flavor of the white stuff. Ive often wanted to try out making my own pasta, with just 1/2 whole would be much healthier, but still maybe taste good. Ive yet to tackle home made pasta though.

Erin Marie said...

This look really good. I, too, have really tried to use whole wheat pasta. It's just not as yummy.