Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Just a reminder to everyone, today is Earth Day. It's a great day to start your journey to going "green". Some easy ways to start...

  • Print out things double-sided. Save paper!
  • Buy organic whenever you can. Save the Earth and your body from those toxic pesiticides.
  • Buy a stainless steel or aluminum water bottle and ditch those disposable plastic water bottles. Get a Britta to fill them up with or if you have a fridge with a water filter, use that! Also, watch out if you're buying a plastic water bottle... BPA's are harmful to your health and the environment! Check these out!

  • Bring tupperware with you to a restaurant to take home leftovers. Pyrex are the best but anything is better than the styrofoam they give out.

  • Buy a lunch bag. There many out there such as this one that can replace your brown paper or plastic bag.

I think we all know about the benefits of bringing your own bags to the grocery store and forgoing plastic bags. If you don't want to buy bags, reuse the free totes you get as gifts or receive at conferences or that your company gives out.

And of course, recycle, recycle, recycle. Have a lovely Earth Day and I hope everyone does something small.

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the happy couple said...

love the idea of the pyrex. i also did an earth day post on my blog today about gadgets. i like glass water bottles for my water at home - pics on the blog...