Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Penne with Pumpkin and Turkey Sausage

Sounds odd right? Well, it's delicious and very savory. The two flavors compliment each other so well, this may become a staple in our home. I found this recipe on Just2Good and pretty much copied it to a T except I used sweet turkey sausage. I had bought fresh sage earlier in the day and with the 1 cup of pumpkin I had left over was a perfect fit. Thanks Amy for a great dinner!

PS, I prepared the sauce on Sunday for a Tuesday night dinner and it saved me loads of time tonight. I love pre-planning!


Amy said...

I LOVE that recipe. So glad you did too!

Joelen said...

I've been enjoying using pumpkin in savory recipes aside from pies and desserts. This looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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