Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

OK, so let me preface this as I should have made jalapenos but my husband grabbed a batch of chilis not jalapenos and I never bothered to look at the label. So although I did spend a decent amount of time on them and they look delicious.... they are HOT! And I mean I might die hot. Dave had a few and it didn't hit him til later and he had to have ice cream to cool down his mouth. And I stupidly rubbed my eye and burned it from touching the chili. Oh and it somehow got on my rings and now my ring finger is burned.... but I digress. Here's a picture. My caution to you all is: Do NOT try this at home. Be smart and read the package and make sure you are using jalapenos NOT CHILIS!!!


Joelen said...

OMG Holy hotness... Jenn?! You are a rockstar for even popping one in your mouth! I do have jalepenos to play with so maybe I'll make these this week :)

Lisa said...

I've made these with jalapenos and they were very good - Sandra Lee did them on her show once. She grilled them so that's what I did. They turned out great! It was hard to keep the cheese from running out on the grill, but nonetheless still very cheesy.