Sunday, June 1, 2008

We finally painted!!

After months of trying to find colors to paint our bedroom, we finally did it! Since we moved on February 29, it's been on our minds but we could never decide. After combing through Home Depot and Lowe's we decided to visit our local Benjamin Moore store on my Mom and Dad's suggestion. They had some great brochures that showed us how to pair colors and we even picked one we found in there, something we probably never would have thought to choose. We covered up that terrible pink and got some gorgeous colors that remind us of the ocean. Westminster Gold and Jamaican Aqua. I have to send a shout out too my mother in law and father in law Lois and Fred who came over and helped us enormously. Even through the heat and humidity they were troopers. Without them, I'd have jagged edges (Lois is the edging queen!) and we'd still probably be painting. THANK YOU!! Here's some pictures. We are now able to schedule our furniture delivery and we'll have a real, grown up bedroom.... at last.

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