Thursday, June 5, 2008

Product Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation

Advertising actually worked on me! Background: I desperately needed new makeup and although I am (until now) an exclusive Clinique girl, I was in Target and figured I needed to buy something fast and so I started scouring the aisles. I really didn't want to make that extra trip to Macy's and upon remembering the commercial for the Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Makeup, I decided to take a chance and buy it.

And I am happy I did. It provides great coverage and blended right in with my skin. My problem lately with Clinique had been the jawline makeup line (a big NO NO) and finding the right color for my skin tone. This makeup took those worries away. No jawline issues, my skin tone is evened out, and it's light--doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup. It was so easy to put on and doesn't require a huge amount, just a little dab for the entire face. Plus, the price $8.99 versus $20 for the Clinique stuff. I think Maybelline scored a winner with this one. I would definitely encourage my fellow ladies to try it out. Enjoy!

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Rachel said...

If you like this makeup, you should try out the bare escentuals mineral powder. Its awesome! And soo much better than any creamy foundation you could ever buy.